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Today I will finally announce the availability of my new open source application MJ Inventory. Yes … I am still looking for a better name.

In the previous post I talked a bit about the motivation behind the project. Now comes the release in the tradition of the bazaar. Release early, release often. Its still not completely clear where this project is going but here it is. Let’s see if someone else is finding it useful. Or even if it is working for anyone but me :).

The application is written in the elixir programming language. The gui a phoenix liveview app.

There is a presentation available that is intended to be a mixture of introduction and documentation. It is also available in the git repository in the doc/ folder.

The Readme file gives some documentation either and the instructions on how to hopefully successfully building the application.

The project lives on github for now.

Next step would be a video/screencast about it. But that turns out to be difficult :). Having not much experience with that.

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