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Plasma Systemd Applet

A year ago I felt like getting back into c++ and kde development. Scratching one of my itches seemed to be the right path back. For quite some time I was looking for a plasma applet that allows to control and monitor systemd units. Preferably for both system and session service managers.

The attempt actually led to a result which was neither pretty nor perfect, but it worked. I put it on github https://github.com/jansenm/systemd-plasmoid and used it locally. No formal announcement was ever done and my plan to put it into kde infrastructure kinda never realized too.

Fast-forward nearly a year and some aspect of the applet stopped working. It no longer notices if you stop a service manually on the session service manager. For the system service manager it works. Unfortunately I realized I am no longer interested in this kind of programming. And that i kinda forgot everything i learned a year ago :).

The solution. Make an announcement to check if someone else is interested in taking over the applet.

So are YOU interested in taking over? I consider it a very useful applet and would hate to see it perish. I would assist in moving it over to kde infrastructure.

Btw … is it applet or widget? There seems to be some inconsistent naming.

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