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Long time … no see. Actually two years no blog entry. Real life and especially the job demanded all my time. On top of it the real life job was filled up with boring and uninteresting work not worth blogging about. But thankfully that changed.

I hope to be able to blog more in the next months. It will be less build-tool and more ansible, jenkins, docker and automation in general. And python. And IDEA.

Build-tool is gone

Btw. for those of you out there that actually used build-tool here the official announcement: Its dead. And dead does not even get it right. Its gone. As in i no longer have the source code. Apparently gitorious AND rubyforge went down while i was away. My desktop too and out of a sense of false security i thought its safe out there in the wild wild internet :). The gems are naturally still available but not useful anymore.

New Blog

I moved my blog from ModX (which i took down quite some time ago) to the pelican static site generator . A lack of time and a unfamiliarity with it let me fall behind security updates so badly taking down the site was the only option left.

The decision was between using a hosted blog or a static site generator in a language i am familiar with. Which means pelican was the natural selection.

And so far i am loving it. Much easier.

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